Karachi: Road projects constitute a significant part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and under this initiative, the National Highway Authority (NHA) is at the forefront, as it is executing projects worth Rs. 700 bn. These projects originate from Khunjerab, Gilgit-baltistan which also happens to be the border between Pakistan and China and they terminate at the Gwadar Port. These projects are divided into three alignments; The Western Alignment, The Central Alignment and The Eastern Alignment.

ISLAMABAD: National Highway Authority (NHA) is currently executing China pakistan Economic Corridor projects worth Rs 700 billion in the country. NHA has been authorized to plan and develop China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) connecting Khunjrab to Gwadar in order to ensure smooth and efficient movement of goods and services along with passengers in a healthy environment, said the Economic Survey 2017-18 released here Thursday.

The CPEC Western Alignment starting from Khunjrab passes through Burhan (Hakla),DI Khan (Yarik) , Zhob ,Quetta ,Surab , Hoshab ends at Gwadar having total distance 2,463 Km. Central Alignment of the CPEC commences from Burhan (Hakla) ,Pindigheb, Kot Addu , DG Khan , Rajanpur ,Wangu Hills , Khuzdar Basima , Hoshab, and terminates at Gwadar having total distance of 2,417 Km.Central Alignment from Khunjrab- Burhan (793 km) is common as Western alignment. Its Eastern Alignment starts from Khunjrab,Thakot ,Mansehra ,Burhan,Pindi Bhatian, Faisalabad,Multan,Sukkur,Shikarpur,Rato Dero ,Khuzdar , Basima,Hoshab and Gwadar. Total Distance of the Eastern alignment is 2,686 Km. Eastern Alignment from Khunjrab- Burhan (793 km) is common as Western alignment.