DHA Lahore Phase 10 Plots and Houses For Sale

Phase 9 (Ext) has been upgraded and enhanced to a separate phase, namely DHA Lahore Phase 10. This will take over phase 9 prism and will become the biggest phase of DHA. Residential files of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 kanal are available for sale in the market.

DHA phase  10 Lahore comprises of 40,000 kanals including moza aahlu, Chuk Aahlu, Guru Mangat,  Qureshi wala, kanuker, Dhalokeee, Kahna, Shahzada,  sora etc bordering between two main roads .Ferozpur on one side and Bedian road on other side ,is going to be another master piece like Phase 9 Prism. Mainly the area is level and plain ground with agriculture cultivation. Locality is no doubt so appealing that this upcoming phase of  DHA may over shadow all the rest of the phases of DHA Lahore. Complete area is rectangular in shape with no bottle necks or diversions. DHA has acquired maximum Land holding and this will give boost to the development of this phase. It will be speedy as  compared to last phases where DHA had to face litigations by the local Land owners. Ferozpur road is already fully developed 8 lanes carpet road with service lanes on both sides. Similarly widening of Bedian road is already proposed.

DHA Phase 10 previously known as Phase 9 extension was limited to Hadiara drain to Buchekee Canal .When recently it was declared as Phase 10 then its limits were also extended to Suey Hasil. Suey Hasil is a town on Main Ferozpur road situated right next to Bahria Nashemun. Phase 10 with its unique locality will do wonders in future to come.

Future Prospects

When we look at the present price of one kanal of phase 10 which is already 56 lacs, one can easily understand the future potential of this particular phase. It will remain constant in years to come whereas Phase 9 file kept on fluctuating and in year 2007 it reduced to only 14 lacs per kanal. The file of phase 10 is not available in abundance at present. But there may be little correction in the rate when they  come in abundance and that would be the right time to buy this file. when we talk about amenities in the planning phase of phase 10, as per surrounding news, all the latest amenities in the modern world will be part of DHA phase 10. There are news of water park and wonderland in this phase.

From investment point of view, the question  arises for how long it will take to ballot the phase and later on develop it. DHA unlike past has learned from its mistakes and didn’t launch its phase until it had maximum land holding with its investors.

Roughly we can say that DHA is holding 70% of total land when this phase was launched.I do not foresee any hick ups or delays involved in its land acquiring, town planning phase, balloting and finally development.The crux is that minimum 5 years are expected for balloting and start of development.

I advise all the overseas Pakistanis, local investors and especially those who dream to build their houses in DHA to weigh the locality of phase 10  and compare with any other developing phases of DHA Peshawer, Bahawalpur  or for that matter Gujranwalla. File of phase 10 is worth buying as its worth the price keeping in view above all. There can be little fluctuation on prices of files but as a whole, it will be a smart move for future.

Lastly, all the best of luck for your future investment plans.May God give you more then your expectations.